MEF Research Projects Contest Prepares to Celebrate its 27th Anniversary

Scientific method is based on assumptions emerging from observation and experimental testing of these assumptions. Scientific method and scientific thought can only be learned by living it and can be transformed into a lifestyle. MEF Educational Institutions sets out its way from this point of view, considering that taking responsibility for directing and encouraging our young people to scientific studies is the necessity of its pioneering mission in education.

International Research Projects Contest

Scientific method and scientific though may be learned only with experience and changed to a life style. The MEF Educational Institutions setting off adapts to orientate and encourage youth to any scientific studies and undertake any responsibilities in this field. The “INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH PROJECTS” Competition implemented by MEF Educational Institutions for purpose of supporting scientific education, orientating any skilful students in this area to scientific researches and growing them as “Scientists of the Futures” in branches of Physics, Chemistry and Biology is attracted a great attention increasingly every year by high school youth.