Budding Scientists of the Future Meet at MEF Schools at its 25th gathering!

​”The 25th International Research Projects Competition” which aims to contribute the development of the scientific researches and coordinated by the MEF University and MEF Schools, will be held between the 10th and 13th of May, 2016. Including Turkey, more than 30 countries’ participation is expected to this competition which is held traditionally every year. ​

“The International Research Projects Contest of MEF Educational Institutions” is continuing to pave the way for the young people which is organised with the aim of orienting talented students towards to scientific researches and supports them becoming the “Scientist of the Future.” Research Projects that are prepared in the fields of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, will compete in the contest’s 25th year which will be held internationally on May 10th to13th, 2016.

Just like the previous years, the participants from Turkey and the other countries from all over the world attended the MEF Educational Institutions hosted Contest that has become an International Science Summit.

Along with high schools in Turkey, schools from the United States of America, England, Germany, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Georgia, Belarus, Ucraine, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Macedonia, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Lithuania, Poland, Kosova, Albania, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tatarstan, Abkhazia, Russia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Israel, Tunisia, Belgium, Thailand, Holland, Czech Republic, China, Dubai, Canada, Turkmenistan, Spain and Croatia have attended these exhibitions during the past twenty-four years.

At the Contest including the projects developed in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, the students and their counseler teachers will be awarded based on the careful assessment of the projects by the Jury of known scientist and science gurus.

All the expenses of the event that will host national and international students being assessed in different categories will be covered by Arikanli Holding and its subsidiary companies.