1. International  Dr. Ibrahim Arıkan MEF Educational Institutions Research Projects Contest  has been arranged to  promote science education in Turkey, to orient students who possess talent in this area toward scientific research, and to enable them to grow up to become the “Scientists of the Future”
  2. All students from Turkey or abroad currently enrolled in a post-middle-school high school or its equivalent may take part in the contest.
  3. A separate contest shall be held for projects submitted by international participants.
  4. Research projects are to be prepared in Physics, Chemistry or Biology.
  5. Projects should be in keeping with a character of scientific research and be original. Projects that do not meet these criteria shall be eliminated at the application stage. (Project authors and their adviser-teachers shall be held accountable regarding the originality of their projects.)
  6. One project is permitted per student. Projects may be done individually or as a group (maximum 2 students and 1 adviser-teacher). Awards shall be given on a per-project rather than per-student basis).
  7. Applying students are to submit their Project Applications online from the www.mefproject.com website between 3 December 2018 – 15 February 2019.

Moreover, the following are to be uploaded to the application system;

  • A Project Report of no more than 8 pages
  • A project summary Video File of no more than 3 minutes
  • The student(s)’ application form, approved with the signature of the adviser-teacher and principal.
  1. The Projects are to be evaluated by the Jury Members, consisting of university teaching faculty of the MEF Educational Institutions.
  2. The committee shall have the right to change the scientific branch of the project on the basis of the project content. For example, if a project submitted under the Chemistry category is more consistent in content with the category of Biology, the project shall be evaluated under the category of Biology.
  3. Project evaluation shall have as its criteria, within the framework of the principles of originality of thought, and scientificity of thought and application: originality, ability to achieve results, contribution to fundamental scientific and technological applications, and potential for conversion of product for widespread application. Importance will be placed on the oral and written clarity of presentations, mastery of the subject, and the carefulness of the work.
  4. MEF Schools shall give the project authors and school headships of the projects selected for exhibition suitable advance notice of the date and location of the Research Projects Contest.
  5. The project authors chosen for participation in the exhibition shall bring all necessary materials that make up the project. MEF Educational Institutions shall solely provide the tables and stands for the exhibition.
  6. The contest will designate First Place, Second Place, and Third Place awards in each branch. Money prizes in the amounts specified below will be awarded to  placing students and their adviser-teachers, along with certificates of participation and memorabilia plaquettes to all participating students and adviser-teachers and/or School Headships.
  7. The round-trip travel expenses of teachers and students coming from abroad will be their own responsibilities.
  8. Accommodation expenses for contestants from other cities and abroad shall be covered by our institution for the duration of the exhibition. In accordance with the information forms you have filled out and sent in to us, accommodations provide for 2 or 3 persons each.
  9. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners shall be provided by our institution for the duration of the exhibition.
  10. The exhibition will be held from 07-10 May 2019 at MEF University at Ayazağa Cad. No:4 Ayazağa / Sarıyer / İstanbul / TURKEY




For detailed information:

Phone: 0090 (212) 362 26 33 (1412-1234)

Fax: 0090 (212) 287 79 12

E-posta: project@mef.k12.tr

Web: www.mefproject.com – www.mef.k12.tr

MEF Educational Institutions Address: Ulus Mah. Öztopuz Cad. Leylak Sok. 34340 Ulus-Beşiktaş / İstanbul / Turkey