In memory of our founder,

We believe that as scientists and business leaders of the future, our young people’s success will depend on the hard work of their parents and innovative educators. We also hope that our students’ current scientific projects will be ground for their future research. Committing our lives to these ideals, we are proud to announce that International Research Projects Contest will mark its 28th anniversary this year, under the leadership of our founder Mr. İbrahim Arikan, PhD.

As MEF Educational Institutions, we are aware that the science is whole knowledge accumulated through the discoveries of the wonders of the universe. We realize that the aim of science is not only conducting experiments or proposing theories, but also enhancing the life conditions of human beings.

Every inventor has transformed the human life with their talent and intelligence, but what is even more important is their determination and hard-working, as Mr. İbrahim Arikan, PhD has emphasized frequently. We are confident about our young people today more than ever and we believe that they will become the great inventors, business leaders and problem-solvers of tomorrow.

As Arikanli Corporation and its subsidiary in education sector, MEF Schools, we are doing our part to encourage young people to take initiatives in their lives and contribute to the scientific research projects of all students around the world. Having initiated International Research Projects Competition 28 years ago with our founder, we aim to make sure our young people can compete in a 21st century high-tech and knowledge economy.

We would like to congratulate all young people participating in International Research Projects Contest, funded by Arikanli Corporation’s subsidiaries and we wish them the best of success in their future endeavors.

Moreover, as we do so every year, we would like to express our gratitude to school principals, teachers and parents raising them, and also remember our dearest teacher and founder Mr. İbrahim Arikan, PhD, with love, respect and our sincere gratitude.